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Camouflage concert – 25.11.2006, Kraków - Poland

Cracow, 25.11.2006, Studio Club - this is the venue and date of our event taking place within “d’Electro Fall Tour 2006” project in Poland. As the MEGA STAR there will play German trio Camouflage Live show in Cracow will be part of the European Camouflage tour, promoting the latest „Relocated” album, released on 25.08.2006. It will be the only one live act of Camouflage in Poland and probably the only one in countries around like Czech and Slovak Republic and Hungary also. That is why our Cracow gig is getting more and more popular and interesting also for Fans of electro-pop music in Your countries. We get many questions from Czech, Slovak and Hungarian Fans regarding this event. Before the Camouflage performance will set up, other great electro pop stars will guarantee a lot of the highest quality electro sounds! During few hours, on the main stage of Cracow Studio Club you should see and hear the best of electro pop bands like:
Iris (USA)
LOWE (Sweden)
Minerve (Germany)

Concerts will start at 19:00, „door open” at 18:30.

Tickets are available from 10.09.2006 on:
and on our website

Tickets prices:
Until 30.09.06 (limited amount of 300pcs with SUPER price) – 90 Pln
From 01.10.06 (or earlier, if „limited range” will sold) until 31.10.06 – 110 Pln
From 01.11 until 25.11 – 130 Pln

More details on our website:
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